"I have loved Henry Wiens’ music since the first time I heard it several years ago.   It has a soothing, comforting quality, and is inspirational and uplifting at the same time. Upon the death of someone special to our organization, we send Henry’s CDs to the bereaved loved one. The response from those receiving these gifts of music has been unanimous in their gratitude and appreciation.  Comments have been:  'What a beautiful gift you chose.’  ‘I was deeply touched…’  ‘As I write this I’m alternating between floating and crying.’  Everyone has been moved by Henry’s beautiful music."
J. Alcott, Mounds View, MN


“We have been using Quiet Heart Music's ‘One-at-a-Time Plan’ for 4 years and have received numerous compliments from families about the Memorial Gift CD we send. The selection of music is always very appropriate.  We frequently receive requests for Quiet Heart Music's contact information to purchase additional CDs for other family members. We are more than pleased with the products and service Henry provides.  We know we are giving a gift that can be shared by many for years.”
L. Thompson, Administrator,
Woodsfield, OH


"In the 'Small House' long term care setting, our elders and their families become very close to our staff members.  When a precious life is lost, flowers do not seem to justify the closeness that we experience with our elders and families.  Quiet Heart Music has been an amazing blessing to us; to be able to give the families a gift that they can keep forever to remind them of their deceased loved one is priceless.  The presentation, thought and care that is put into each Quiet Heart gift shows that our facility and staff not only will miss their loved one, but will also never forget them.  Thank you Henry and QHM helping all of us during these difficult times." 
S. Hube, LSW, Maineville, OH


"Thanks so much for sending the lovely CD I requested. We just returned from the Memorial Service, and our friend mentioned that she received the lovely CD earlier today, has already played it and absolutely loves it.  I have shared your link with the women in my Sunday School Class as many of us are losing loved ones and like the idea of sending a memorial music CD as wonderful as yours.  I honestly believe your beautiful gifts of music will serve families much more than a floral spray that will end up in a nursing home."
L. Howard, Atlanta, Georgia


"As a pastor of a 300 bed skilled care center, I am pleased to use Quiet Heart Music's ‘One-at-a-Time Plan’ as a means of expressing our sympathy to families of the residents who we have had the privilege of caring in their times of need.  While words can be cumbersome and unspoken, the personalized music CD & card have been well received and acknowledged by families. Our Activity Staff also has a complete set of Henry's CDs that they play in our residents' rooms, especially when family members are staying with the resident during a crisis.  It has brought both peace and comfort to family and residents during the long hours of night. The system that Henry and I have set up provides me with a very timely means of delivering this message of condolences to the families. Often by the time of the funeral service, the family has already received the CD and begun enjoying it. Many have told me that they have continually played the CD as they are writing their memorial cards to their friends."  
Rev. L. Hanson, Minot, ND


"Dear Henry, My mother had a rough summer as she progresses further into the depths of Alzheimer’s disease.  She no longer can feed herself or walk. Most days she is unaware of her surroundings and gets agitated very easily with noise and multiple people in the same room. My sister and I tried many things to calm her and have her be more relaxed and peaceful. We bought a few soft animals for her to hold. A soft blanket for her lap, and then my sister remembered she had bought your CD at the Pittsburgh conference last year. Your music has been key to calming my mother. When we start the music she closes her eyes as if she is visualizing a green pasture and feeling a warm breeze. It’s amazing to watch the tension leave her face and her body relax. I will be purchasing some CDs for the facility where my mother is residing so everyone on her floor can experience the calm, soothing magic of your music.  Thank you for providing this for not just folks with dementia but everyone who needs to restore tranquility and calm to their day."
L. Lutz, MS, Pittsburgh, PA

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